What’s That Smell: Part 2, The Natural Deodorant Winners


In my last post I mentioned a few of the losers of my natural deodorant test but today I want to talk about my two current favorites. There are a lot of options out there for natural deodorants but these are two I’ve actually used and can talk about.

The first one is called Primal Pit Paste. The name delighted my co-workers and was also definitely one reason I tried it. I found it in a natural store up in Ithaca but you can find it on Amazon too. EWG doesn’t have the exact flavor I got – Jacked up Jasmine- but they have others listed and it gets the best safety score they have. I felt pretty confident about its safety because the ingredients are essential oils, shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and non-aluminum baking soda.


Pros: It smells so good! The ingredients are truly all natural as well as being organic, which I think is a big plus. They certify that they are free of GMOs, gluten, parabens etc.

Cons: Staying power is somewhere in the mediocre range. I tend to reapply it a few times in a day if possible. A bit pricey for a stick of deodorant but at least you know it’s good stuff!

Overall: it works pretty decently and smells great. I like to use it more like a perfume. I’ve also just discovered from their website they make toothpaste too! Going to have to check that out.


Finally there is Lush’s Aromaco. Lush is a company I was first introduced to in high school. They are known internationally for their “fresh handmade cosmetics” particularly soaps and bath fizzes but also any other kind of body product you can imagine. They pride themselves on minimalist packaging and they make products without preservatives. I’ve been a fan for a while, although I must say their soaps are heavy on the mysterious “fragrance” factor. I’ve used a number of their products before so I was willing to try their deodorant.

Lush has a brick and mortar store nearby so I went in to smell a few of their options. Their powdered deodorants were just too weird smelling for me so I ended up with the Aromaco bar. Like many of their solid products it comes as a block so it may not seem overly convenient to use but I cut mine in half and it works fine. The smell has grown on me; supposedly it’s patchouli but I guess I’m the only hippie that doesn’t like patchouli.

EWG doesn’t have Lush on their website but I’ve done a little digging into their ingredients, which are all listed online. Lush divides their ingredients into two self-made categories: natural ingredients and “safe synthetics”. The only potentially problematic item in Aromaco is citral, which Lush says occurs naturally in essential oils. EWG gives it a 7, but mostly it seems because it can be an irritant. Then of course we have fragrance, listed at the end but listed as natural. With Lush I’m a little more inclined to believe it’s safe.


Pros: Most effective deodorant tested. The smell is a bit stronger so it feels more powerful. No preservatives or junk ingredients.

Cons: Can be a bit tough to use because it doesn’t melt as evenly as PPP. Sometimes it needs to get wet to work.

Overall:  The smell might take a bit of adjustment for some but it works fairly well and now I enjoy it. It’s my primary choice these days, although I have been having some difficulty getting it to spread lately.

There’s some other deodorant options I want to still explore. I remember having this deodorant shaped like a crystal for a while when I was a teenager. It seemed like it never ran out, although you had to run it under water to get it to work. It looks like they make a stick version now so that’s worth a look. These days, if I’m not using Aromaco, I’m usually just dabbing myself with essential oils mixed into aloe vera or some other kind of carrier oil. I’m a big fan of sage oil, although I can see how it can be overpowering. There are definitely a few sage-based products out there, including Schmidt’s, a cruelty free, vegan, brand which is sold at Whole Foods, among other places. Schmidt’s may be my next purchase after my current options run out. After my next tests are complete I’ll come back with an update.


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